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Dr. Sita

Today, I am free from issues like depression and anxiety attacks. I used to get stuck in painful memories and those things that were not happening. But the Nine Step Process helped me a lot in getting rid of all these things. I have applied healing for abundance and money due to which I have no financial issues. So, I can say that my life has changed entirely and I am adding value to the lives of many people.

Dr. Sita - Jaipur, Rajasthan


I am thankful to Angels that they gave me the opportunity to do the Nine-Step Process; otherwise, I had missed a lot of things in my life. Now, I feel that my life has become very easy for me. This course has helped me to master my emotions and once a person achieves this, it gets quite easy to deal with day-to-day small problems. I was aware of all this earlier but now, I am glad that I came to know all this. I got to learn a lot of things from previous courses so I thought to learn more from this course.

Ritu - North Europe


I used to have a lot of difficulty in having control over my emotions. Due to this, I would not study well and felt pain in my heart. Emotions had overpowered my brain due to which my capacity to think got blocked. I completed NLP and one more course from Nitin sir and after that my life has changed. I have full control over my emotions. These courses have helped me a lot in handling emotions very well. After my breakup, I went into depression but Angels have helped me to overcome that.

Brishti Mandal


I was doing a job already but a lot of challenges were coming due to the pandemic due to which I had to resign. So there is a gap of 2-3 months between my new and previous job. During that gap, I did Angel healing courses. I did counseling mastery and NLP during that time. With the help of all these things, I was able to manifest a new job in the same field.

Rumi - Dubai


I thought of investing some money in the share market, and it was around 5,000 pounds. I had no idea of which share I should buy and even after investing money in it, I never use to check the share market. Not me nor my husband had time to check what was going in the share market. I thought our money had got wasted and I applied the healing for stuck money. After a few days, I finally got my money, and from that, I joined another Angel course, which was Angel Symbol Course.

Sukhwinder - England


I received continues divine guidance and protection (financial, mental, spiritual) to take any step in life. (Example: I wanted financial help to do the course and Angels saved her fine of 9000 dirhams and she also received back her refund from the apartment of 5000 dirhams which helped her financially).

Sneha - Dubai


After I was tested positive for COVID -19, my husband was very worried because I already have an asthmatic problem. Though I had no symptoms, I just tested to make sure everything was fine because one of my friends was tested positive, and I was in his contact. My husband wanted me to hospitalize because of the asthmatic issue, but I said there is no need. Until I was tested negative, I applied healings and kept praying to Angels to keep me healthy and fit. Even my friends also believe that I am alive because of Angels.

Vaishali Vijay Pathare


A couple contacted me because their son left home and was missing for three days. His mother was very stressed and in pain. The couple was highly stressed out and not in a position to listen to anything. I advised them to have faith in Angels, and I started praying to Angels. The very next day, they got their lost son. The couple was very happy and shocked at the same time. They thanked the Angels for helping them.

Surbhi - Delhi


Initially, my father and I used to talk very little. I knew his nature but never felt the need to talk to him. We even did not get out for an outing. One of the reasons was that my mother and father use to fight a lot. Every night I used to have a fear that what will happen. Will my father throw us out of the house, or what will happen next? This fear resided in my mind like a phobia from which I was not able to come out. After completing the Basic Angel Course, followed by a 9-step process; I applied healing, and now, I am closest to my father and trust him a lot. Now, I have faith that I can share anything with him, and he is there to give me the right guidance. He trusts me a lot and does whatever I say. Angels helped me in building a close bond with my father.

Raksha Murlidhar Sapdhare - Maharashtra


After marriage, my life changed upside down, and I was trying to adjust to the change. After several years of marriage, the issues were coming up with my relatives. I used to feel lonely and shared the same with my husband. My relatives always use to have one or the other issue with me. During the lockdown, I became highly depressed and gave up on hoping for something positive in my life. It seemed that things were going beyond the way I wanted them to be. After doing Angel courses, I feel very calm and composed. Though my relations are not so good with my relatives, I have learned to let go of things. I don't mind whatever they say or do and even don't pretend even if I feel bad about something. My life has become peaceful.

Sapna Aggarwal - Siliguri (West Bengal)


I felt a 360˚ change in my life in terms of happiness and relationship with my husband. Those who use to bring problems in life call me and ask for help. It feels like Angels have filled my life with happiness and are always there as my support system.

I am thankful to God that I met Mr Nitin, who helped me in communicating with Angels and added value to my life. Angels have vanished all the problems in my life, gave me clarity, and make me feel happy, which I was missing earlier. Today, I am confident and emotionally strong.

I would like to add that women should be strong and never give up because if we are not happy, we can't keep others happy.

Veena Baheti - Secundrabad

Dipa Prasad

Before entering into the healing profession, an incident happened where an ower could have saved his cat, but he didn’t. I felt how selfish we humans are. After a few months, my cat was diagnosed with a problem; I completed the third level of Reiki and did her healing. Before doing courses from Nitin sir, I had done Angel course from somewhere else, but I was not satisfied with the course. Somehow I got to know about Nitin sir and started doing courses from him. My mother also started believing in Angels and has completed a few Angel courses. Today, my mother and I see Angels.

Dipa Prasad - West Bengal